AMEN Music Releases Compelling Album ‘In The Light’

Dante bowe
Dante Bowe

Today marks a momentous occasion in the contemporary worship music scene as AMEN Music, the worship collective led by the visionary Dante Bowe, releases their highly anticipated album “In The Light.” The album, available now through TRUE Music, is set to deeply touch hearts and souls with its soul-stirring melodies, profound lyrics, and a profound sense of spiritual connection. From anthemic praise songs designed to inspire congregational singing to intimate ballads that encourage moments of introspection, “In The Light” offers a diverse array of musical expressions.

Dante Bowe, known for his impactful songwriting and commanding vocals, shared his excitement about the project: “We poured our hearts and souls into ‘In The Light’, aiming to create an album that not only moves people’s spirits but also encourages them to draw closer to their faith. This project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of AMEN Music’s incredibly talented members and their shared passion for spreading messages of hope and love through music.”

The album goes beyond the boundaries of traditional worship music, embarking on a worship journey that explores themes of faith, redemption, and the transformative power of God’s love. Each track has been thoughtfully crafted to evoke a sense of devotion and introspection, inviting listeners to engage in a deeply personal worship experience. Guided by Dante Bowe’s leadership, the album boasts a fresh and vibrant sound that resonates with listeners from various walks of life.

Dante Bowe, a Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum-selling, and chart-topping musician, has been making waves with his latest self-titled album. This solo endeavor sees Bowe delving into a spectrum of sounds, including hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and more. The album features collaborations with a range of artists, from Vic Mensa to Jekalyn Carr. Notably, the album includes the single “Wind Me Up,” which has enjoyed considerable success on R&B radio, securing the top spot for most added song on impact and maintaining a strong presence in the Top 20 for multiple weeks.

Listen to “In the Light” Album on all platforms here

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