Anchor Hymns Releases New Single “Have Mercy On Me”

Anchor hymns
Anchor Hymns

Multigenerational music collective Anchor Hymns has released a new single titled “Have Mercy On Me,” which draws inspiration from Psalm 51, one of the most famous confessions in Scripture. This song features a new piano-led melody for this ancient text.

The song was written by Brian Eichelberger, Lucy Grimble, Leslie Jordan, and Sandra McCracken. It serves as a meditative response to the theme of finding one’s way back to forgiveness and alignment with God. The refrain of the song reflects the transformation that confession and forgiveness bring, moving from fear and shame to joy and worship.

“Have Mercy On Me” is a prayer for help, peace, and healing, expressing gratitude for God’s ever-present assistance in times of need.

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