Anna Golden Brings Empowering Performance of “Glory To Glory” to’s Positive Vibes Only Series

Anna golden
Anna Golden

Rising star Anna Golden recently graced’s Positive Vibes Only series with a captivating performance of her song “Glory To Glory.” The song, featured on her latest album ‘Church,’ released on August 11th through TeeLee Records/Capitol CMG, showcases her talent for delivering uplifting and empowering music.

“Glory To Glory,” co-written with Benjamin “Bede” Korporaal (from Hillsong) and Brett Miller, is a testament to the strength of faith and its ability to guide individuals through challenging times. The song resonates as a celebration of faith’s transformative power and its role as a pillar of support during adversity.

Having spent her early years navigating LA’s audition rooms, Golden chose to redirect her path away from potential pop fame to pursue her true calling in worship music. This choice ultimately led her to a fortuitous encounter with GRAMMY-winning gospel artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard. Golden’s extraordinary talent caught Leonard’s attention, resulting in her becoming the first artist signed to Leonard’s record label.

Watch Anna Golden’s performance below

Anna Golden’s remarkable journey and her soul-stirring music, as exemplified by “Glory To Glory,” highlight her commitment to spreading positivity and inspiration through her artistry. Her album ‘Church’ is now available for listeners to experience the depth of her musical expression.

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