AOH Music Releases Debut EP ‘RELENTLESS’

Aoh music
AOH Music

AOH Music, (vocalist Brianne Nealon, drummer Jimmy Meier, and guitarist/producer Jack Garno), has completed its debut EP, ‘RELENTLESS.’

When choosing the EP title for this collection of songs, the word “Relentless” kept coming to mind. “God loves us relentlessly, always. His love is not dependent on the bad things we’ve done or the good things we do for Him, but who we are in Him. We are made from His perfect love, and we are deserving of it, despite the lies the evil one tries to convince us of,” says the band.

Aoh music relentless
Aoh Music Relentless

They hope this EP brings that message to mind for all who listen to it. This is the band’s second EP release, following their first EP, “Live at Ocean Way Nashville,” which featured the songs “Abba Father,” “Heal Our World,” and “Light of the World.” They earned immediate adds on hundreds of playlists, most notably Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian and Amazon Music’s Worship Now.

The band is currently on tour for the fall, performing faith-based concerts and events across the nation. In addition to AOH Music, Nealon, Meier, and Garno lead worship nights and perform at faith-based concerts and retreats through the Array of Hope Ministry, where they first met four years ago.

AOH Music is based in New Jersey and is the music division of Array of Hope Ministry, which was founded in 2010.  The Array of Hope Ministry exists to reveal the “Truths of our Faith” by creating high-quality films, music and events.

As the culture, and even our own peers and church at times push God away, AOH Music is seeking to be a light in the darkness. Our goal is to lead people to the beauty and hope that rests in Jesus. The witness of the Band leads all who hear and experience the music toward the Truth of God in an attractive and loving way.

About AOH Music:

Lead singer, Brianne Nealon, actually attended an Array of Hope Concert over 9 years ago. The event left an impressionable mark on her. It began her transformation and journey to accepting Jesus into her life. Years later, when Array of Hope was auditioning for singers, Brianne went to the audition and was accepted into the band. Since then, Brianne has become an integral part in the writing of the band’s new music. Full circle, she is now on stage planting seeds of grace in other young girls’ hearts to come to Christ.

Jimmy Meier, the drummer and part of the songwriting team, started working for Array of Hope in high school as a stagehand. Slowly he rose through the ranks to sit behind the drum kit. He was lukewarm in his faith until he had a transformative experience with the Holy Spirit while recording this live EP at  Ocean Way Nashville. While performing the song, “Abba Father”, Jimmy felt an emotion and feeling that completely penetrated his being.  This was an undeniable experience.  Jimmy has now said “Yes” and accepted God into his heart and is empowered through AOH music to spread the Gospel and heal hearts for Christ.

Guitarist, producer and songwriter, Jack Garno joined Array of Hope as a curious agnostic, and soon was drawn in  by grace to seek and understand God Better.  As time progressed the peace and joy that he experienced working in Array of Hope eventually led him  to his reversion to Jesus. He now offers himself as an instrument to Christ each day, praying that his unique fingerprint on the music will help strengthen people’s relationship with the Lord.

AOH Music provides the music for all the Array of Hope Ministry events in addition to standalone concerts, Large faith-based festivals and conferences. The Band proclaims the Gospel to all of those in attendance, but their hope is to reach even more hearts through streaming platforms and social media. AOH Music is preparing for a 3 song waterfall release of their EP “AOH Music – Live at Ocean Way Nashville, accompanied by live videos.

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