Armstead Ford Shares Divine Message in New Single “Have Mercy O Grace”

Armstead ford
Armstead Ford

Armstead Ford, a talented singer and songwriter, has recently released his latest single, “Have Mercy O Grace.” This soulful and spiritually rich song is a divine message received by Armstead Ford in a dream, compelling him to share it with the world.

“Have Mercy O Grace” goes beyond the realms of conventional music; it is a heartfelt expression of a divine encounter. Armstead Ford, based in Belleville, Illinois, believes in the power of music as a vessel for God’s message. In this latest release, he opens a channel for grace and mercy to touch the hearts of listeners.

Armstead ford have mercy o grace
Armstead Ford Have Mercy O Grace

The song captures the essence of Armstead Ford’s unique ability to receive musical inspiration through dreams. His genuine connection with spirituality reflects in the authenticity of his music. “Have Mercy O Grace” is not just a composition; it’s a spiritual journey, inviting everyone to experience the divine mercy and grace.

This single is now available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, allowing a global audience to be part of this transcendent musical experience.

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