Bantunani and Misato Drop Electrifying Albums ‘Anthropic’ and ‘Disconnect’

Bantunani and misato

Two years after the success of the album “Cosmogony,” of which four singles approached a million views, Bantunani, the Afrofunk star, makes a double comeback by not only presenting his 15th solo album, “Anthropic,” but also introducing “Disconnect,” the very first album by Misato, his multi-instrumentalist children. These young talents, who have attended conservatories in Kinshasa, Casablanca, and Orléans, have accompanied their father on stage and in his creations for over a decade, creating a kind of “family affair.”

Scheduled for October 28 under his label Blackninja Publishing, these albums offer two intertwined perspectives: the funky and assertive groove of the father juxtaposed with the colorful electro-disco pop of the children, infused with manga culture. The first three singles unveiled leave little doubt about the intention to celebrate dance through music tinted with live performance and improvisation.

On one hand, Bantunani takes us into an unprecedented universe exploring a dark electro trip-hop territory with “Young Blood.” In parallel, Misato offers an irresistible electro-disco hit with “Young and Free,” an explosion of energy and joy. Rather than rupture, continuity is emphasized: the renowned London mixers Sefi Carmel and Sam Wheat have ensured a certain harmony in the production.

Bantunani and misato


Anthropic, subtitled “On the march towards Misraim”, immerses the listener in a reflection profound on human nature, a true spiritual quest that runs through each title. Bantunani’s music marks minds and hearts, and this new production does not is no exception. Faithful to his artistic heritage, he embarks on a sonic journey, transcending the barriers of time and space through 15 titles that explore a diverse palette of musical styles.

The pen plays with silences but marks the spirit, the voice is present and always carries this same fragility to mystical emotion. Subtle strings and vintage Rhodes tablecloths add a touch of introspection, as evidenced by the tracks “Young Blood” and “Misraim”. Melancholy seems to take precedence over the groove, creating a bridge between generations. “Anthropic” is the fruit of a deep inner journey, evoking an atmosphere of “sad tropic” – a reflection poignant story about a 21st century man’s quest for spirituality. Like a solitary child of this era, the album captures the wandering of a musician in search of meaning in the world around him. “Anthropic” is the fruit of a deep inner journey, evoking an atmosphere of “sad tropic” – a poignant reflection on a 21st-century man’s quest for spirituality. Like a solitary child of this era, the album captures the wandering of a musician in search of meaning in the world around him. Far from the frantic rhythms of the past, “Anthropic” emphasizes deep and intimate. The lyrics resonate with a sincerity that touches the soul of the listener.

Bantunani explores essential themes, ranging from masculinity to education, violence, and more by the North-South disparities and always with a distant, touching look towards an Africa idealized in Afropolitan. In this album, the music seeks to be the pure expression of the human soul, capturing the deepest emotions and most thoughtful thoughts. “Anthropic” thus invites you to immerse yourself in the intimacy of the artist, to explore a soundscape rich in nuances, and to immerse yourself in a musical experience that frees itself from the limits of entertainment to offer a deep reflection on our human condition.

Thus, “Anthropic”, Bantunani’s ultimate spiritual journey, transcends the limits of music to become an existential quest deeply rooted in the soul of the artist. While preserving his characteristic Afrofunk style, which relies on guitars and the bass, this album plunges us into a deep and dark introspection, whose track “Young Blood” is the most eloquent witness. Through mystical nuances and captivating voices, Bantunani reveals himself as a spiritual seeker marked by life experiences. He exposes his fragility to us, thus creating a melancholy atmosphere and deep which transforms its formerly protesting groove into an introspective dance.

DISCONNECT” by Misato: A call to live

The album “Disconnect” offers a musical experience that transcends generational boundaries and culture, conveying a deeply revealing double meaning. On the one hand, he embodies the vibrant call to youth to live again, to express themselves by dancing with the carefree disco, all by rediscovering the pleasure of spontaneity and lightness. It is a reminder of the need to disconnect from social networks to live an authentic human experience, reconnect with the taste of others, and let yourself be carried away by the magic of music. These songs are not just auditory experiences, they are complemented by two equally captivating music videos, which visually amplify the Children of their time Misato, as children of their time, go far beyond just imitating styles musical. The album skillfully navigates between Hip-Hop, Disco, Rock, and even afrobeats with the title “One World” without the slightest hesitation. From the sebene guitar to the SynthPop, passing through delicate jazzy, and classical touches, Misato explores a range of genres with disconcerting confidence. Each piece is a journey musical that evokes diverse emotions, an experience that transcends barriers cultural and generational.

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