Benjamin William Hastings releases new single “Abandoned”

Benjamin william hastings
Benjamin William Hastings

Benjamin William Hastings has released a new single titled “Abandoned.” The song is now available for download and streaming here

Upon first listening to the song, one might interpret it as being about our own abandonment. However, according to Benjamin William Hastings, the true focus of the song is God’s abandonment. It highlights the fact that despite having the power to escape the cross, God chose to remain and persevere. Every second, He made the decision to continue on, even in the face of great agony. This inspiring sentiment serves as a reminder of God’s unwavering dedication and surrender.

Hastings reflects on the profound impact of God’s abandonment and suggests that our response should be to abandon ourselves to Him. Perhaps the only appropriate response to His abandonment is to surrender ourselves completely.

At first listen this song may come across like it’s about our abandon and sure, it is, but to me it’s really more about His. He who not only chose the cross but had ‘angels at His fingertips’ and chose to remain. Every second, deciding again not to give up but to persevere. To repeatedly pursue surrender, even at the hour of greatest agony. I can’t think of a more inspiring sentiment than this and I guess that brings me back to why it may sound like a song about our abandon; Maybe that’s the only way to respond to His. –Benjamin William Hastings

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