Beverly Townsend Releases Uplifting Gospel Single “I Need You”

Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter hailing from Inkster, MI, Beverly Townsend has recently unveiled her latest uplifting single, “I Need You.” This soul-stirring track is a testament to Beverly’s unwavering devotion to sharing the love of Jesus through her music.

With a remarkable career spanning over the years, Beverly Townsend’s passion for songwriting has led her to create numerous powerful and uplifting songs. Her musical journey began at the age of 5, inspired by her upbringing and her father’s singing. Over the years, she has contributed her talents to various musical groups, including R&B bands and an all-female band named Lady Deluxe, where she showcased her skills as a keyboardist. Additionally, Beverly has lent her voice to several gospel choirs, further enriching her musical experiences.

Beverly Townsend’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to spreading God’s message of grace and love shine brightly in her latest single, “I Need You.” This heartfelt song is a testament to her profound faith and her desire to touch the hearts of listeners with her music.

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