Blake Releases Uplifting Gospel Track “I Got U”


Multi-talented artist Blake Tinsley has just unveiled his latest gospel song titled “I Got U.” This heartfelt and uplifting track shares a message of hope and faith, reflecting Blake’s deep connection to his Christian beliefs.

Born at Fort Hood, Texas, and raised by a single mother who served in the U.S. Army, Blake Tinsley’s early years were shaped by diverse experiences, from North Carolina to the Bay Area in California. His upbringing, influenced by these regions, has significantly impacted his worldview and artistic perspective.

Blake i got u

Blake’s passion for the arts has been a constant throughout his life. By the time he graduated from high school, he had already created independent films, recorded albums, and gained acting experience in feature films. He further honed his artistic skills through in-depth studies in San Francisco while working multiple jobs to support himself. In addition, Blake founded a non-profit organization and a film festival dedicated to empowering young independent filmmakers.

As a singer-songwriter, Blake has penned all of his own songs, and music has been a refuge for him during his life’s journey. While living in the Bay Area, he regularly headlined local music venues and released three albums independently. Blake’s success in music is a testament to his determination and hard work, as he navigated the music industry without a label, agent, or staff.

In 2020, Blake relocated to Texas, where he continued to refine his craft in a new setting. His latest work, the highly anticipated EP titled “Est. 1991,” was released in September 2023 under his independent label. This ambitious project blends his singer-songwriter indie vibe with influences from 90s punk and pop, creating a sound that resonates with millions of fans who appreciate the raw emotion in his music.

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