Briana Domenica Releases ‘Here I Stand’ for Those in Need of Hope

Briana domenica

Contemporary Christian singer, songwriter, and inspirational speaker, Briana Domenica, is thrilled to announce the launch of her latest single, “Here I Stand.”

This deeply emotive music springs from a place of raw emotion and personal experience. Domenica’s mission is to offer encouragement and inspire hope for those navigating the shadows of despair and wrestling with doubts and fears. “Here I Stand” debuted on Radio SoBro’s NuMu Friday and is now accessible on all major digital and streaming platforms.

“Here I Stand” carries a poignant message of promise and optimism. With its captivating melody, destined to have listeners cranking up the volume and singing along, the lyrics serve as a reminder to believers that, even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges, no obstacle is too great for God. By placing our trust in Him, we can navigate through the most challenging of times.

Domenica shares, “On the surface, this song is about conquering obstacles, but it delves much deeper. It addresses the spiritual battle we encounter daily. We have an adversary, and as John 10:10 tells us, he comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Often, we feel like we’re on the losing end of that battle, and I’ve certainly felt that way recently. However, God has used this song to breathe new life into me and remind me that with Christ, I can continue to fight and ultimately stand firm in Him. My hope is that this song can offer the same reminder and encouragement to all who hear it.”

Listen to Briana Domenica “Here I Stand” on Spotify below

Co-written alongside Glenn Green, “Here I Stand” was produced by Cedric Isreal in his studio just outside of Nashville.

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