Bridegroom Touches Hearts with New Single “Dream (Home)”

Bridegroom dream (home)
Dream (Home) cover art

United States – US-based singer Bridegroom has released a touching and soulful new single titled “Dream (Home).” This heartfelt song offers solace and comfort to those who have experienced the pain of losing a loved one, particularly parents who have gone through the anguish of miscarriages.

“Dream (Home)” is a moving tribute to the memory of those who have departed, with a special emphasis on the parents who have endured the heartbreak of miscarriages. The song’s poignant lyrics convey the profound sense of loss while instilling hope and faith in a future reunion in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The inspiration for “Dream (Home)” struck Bridegroom on December 9, 2022, precisely one year after the loss of a child to a miscarriage on December 9, 2021. Feeling the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Bridegroom embarked on a musical journey to channel the pain into this beautiful song as a means of offering comfort and understanding to others who have faced similar grief.

The song was penned and recorded as a gift from the Holy Spirit, a musical expression of healing and emotional release. With heartfelt lyrics, a touching melody, and a spirit of honesty, “Dream (Home)” stands as a testament to the power of music in bringing solace during times of sorrow.

Bridegroom’s unique blend of faith, compassion, and musical talent shines through in “Dream (Home),” making it a song that resonates deeply with those who have experienced loss and seek solace in their faith.

Listen to Bridegroom on Spotify here

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