CAIN Announces First Ever Children’s Book ‘I’M SO BLESSED’


CAIN‘s music has been a mainstay since their debut album in early 2020, and now they add authors to their names with the announcement of the lyrical picture book I’m So Blessed (B&H Publishing). Based on their hit song, this book is filled with bright and playful illustrations of the three characters Tay-Tay Tangerine, LoLo Lemon, and Maddie Melon as they go through their day singing their favorite truth: “I’m So Blessed.” At the start of the pre-order campaign, the book debuted as the No.1 book in Christian Kids’ books and the No. 2 book in All Christian books in addition to being No. 24 in all Kids’ books and in the Top 100 of all books on Amazon.

“We were so grateful for how much our fans have resonated with our song that we wanted to turn it into something you can hold in your hands and share with the kids in your lives,” shares CAIN on the book’s inspiration. “We first wrote this song back in 2020 when there didn’t seem to be a lot of things to be thankful for. The world was shutting down and seemingly our music career was too. But, even in that tough time, we wanted to proclaim that the truth about God is that He will bless His children in every situation: good and bad.”

I’m so blessed
I’m So Blessed

Throughout this story, each fruit friend encounters a hard day. In each circumstance, they are reminded that even in frustration and embarrassment, God loves them. It’s not because we have a good day that God’s children are blessed––it’s because He loves His kids every day! This adorable book teaches kids that while it’s okay to be sad when plans are ruined, friends let them down, and embarrassment strikes, God is with His children in every circumstance. If kids have breath in their lungs, they can find joy in God’s blessings and praise Him by singing the fruits’ favorite truth: “I’m so blessed!”

Cain adds, “Our hope is that this book reaches kids everywhere––kids who’ve heard the song and kids who haven’t––with the message that God’s love is good no matter the kind of day they’re having.”

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