Canyon Hills Worship Drops ‘Abide’ Radio Version

Canyon hills worship
Canyon Hills Worship

Canyon Hills Worship, known for their soul-stirring music and heartfelt lyrics, has just unveiled the radio version of their song “Abide.”

Originally featured as a live recording on their latest album, “All To Jesus,” the song has garnered significant attention from various music platforms and playlists, solidifying its place as an inspiring anthem of faith.

“Abide” made a significant impact upon its initial release, earning prominent spots on Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian and Best Of Live Worship playlists, SOZOPlaylists’ Worship 2023, and Amazon’s Elevation Worship’s Station. The song’s resonance with listeners reflects its ability to convey a message of hope while also maintaining a sense of longing and yearning for a deeper connection with faith.

Michael Monroe, a member of Canyon Hills Worship, spoke about the song’s intent, saying, “This song is an anthem. We wanted it to portray hope while maintaining a posture of longing. I feel that it rides that line well. From the drums to the keys to the vocals, we feel like it portrays a desperate and hopeful desire to abide in Jesus.”

“Abide” is a testament to the band’s commitment to producing music that not only inspires but also offers solace and connection in moments of spiritual reflection. The song’s powerful production, led by Michael Monroe and David Neuman, captures the essence of faith and longing. It was co-written by Raymond Gregory, Michael Monroe, and Koby Orr.

As “Abide” continues to make waves on radio and streaming platforms, it serves as a beacon of faith and an invitation to all who listen to draw nearer to their spiritual roots. The song’s resonance and emotional depth are a testament to the enduring power of worship music to inspire, uplift, and connect individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Listen to ‘Abide’ on all platforms here and connect with Canyon Hills Worship on Instagram

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