Christine D’Clario Unveils Inspirational New Single “Stories On Stories”

Christine d’clario
Christine D’Clario

Dove award-winning singer/songwriter Christine D’Clario has just released a brand new single titled “Stories On Stories.” This heartfelt song is already making waves and is poised to become a favorite among fans.

Christine D’Clario, a Latin Grammy winner, has poured her heart and soul into this new track, describing it as “probably my favorite song that I have ever written and recorded.” She goes on to share her belief that there is something truly special about this song, and it encapsulates the essence of her life journey as well as the experiences of countless individuals who have encountered the goodness of God in various seasons of life.

“Stories On Stories” promises to resonate with listeners and serve as a source of inspiration and hope. In addition to the English version, Spanish and Portuguese renditions of the song are expected to be released soon, ensuring that a wide audience can connect with its message.

Listen to “Stories on Stories” on all platforms here

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