Citizens Releases New Single “hold him high”


Get ready to be compelled to sing Citizens’ latest release, “hold him high” – a song that instantly feels like a familiar hymn sung through a lifetime. It even felt familiar as it was being written, says Zach Bolen, who wrote the song’s chorus several years ago. The lyric that came to him very naturally and easily, he recalls. After spending much time with the chorus, often singing it over his children at bedtime, he enlisted the help of Mitch Wong to bring additional life to the song, which both writers agreed felt like a song the church could sing.

Bolen’s hope is that people will experience their own moments signing this song, whether by themselves, with family, or in church. An anthem of praise celebrating the glory of Jesus Christ, “hold him high” is a reminder that Christ’s holiness makes Him worthy of being lifted high above all else and exalted above every other name.

Osafo Daniel
Osafo is the Co-Founder of Gospel Chapter. Beyond his editorial role he does PR, Digital Marketing, Web Development and SEO

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