Citizens Unveil Heartfelt Acoustic Single “Everything and More”


American Christian rock band from Seattle, Washington Citizens has released the acoustic version of their single, “Everything and More.”

This acoustic rendition provides an intimate glimpse into the band’s journey of faith, where they candidly explore complex themes through their songs.

This acoustic rendition of “Everything and More” captures the essence of the song’s original conception, stemming from a simple moment at the piano. Citizens’ music inspires listeners to unlearn preconceived notions and reimagine their understanding of God, urging them to find joy in the midst of the impossible and embrace the mystery of faith.

Through “everything and more (acoustic),” Citizens encourage us to shift our perspective and appreciate the beauty of life found in God—a life filled with countless tiny miracles occurring daily. This heartfelt song reminds us that hope can emerge even in the midst of heartache, offering a deeper exploration of our individual journeys in discovering God.

Zach, a member of Citizens, shares, “For me, this song is about my own deeper discovery of God, but I want the listener to hear it through their own perspective.”

Listen to the original version of this song on all platforms here, and connect with Citizens on Instagram.

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