Cole Brubacher Unveils Debut Worship Song “Gratefulness”

Cole brubacher
Cole Brubacher

Listowel, Ontario-based Christian singer/songwriter Cole Brubacher has released his debut soul-stirring worship song, “Gratefulness”. With a heart full of faith and a spirit brimming with hope, Cole’s inaugural release serves as a poignant testament to the enduring power of gratitude and devotion, capturing the essence of unwavering faith in the face of life’s trials.

“Gratefulness” is a worship song that resonates with the profound message of showing gratitude to God, regardless of the challenges we encounter. Cole’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies invite listeners to embrace a spirit of thankfulness and reverence, embodying the essence of faith and devotion in the midst of life’s journey.

Cole brubacher gratefulness

Hailing from the classic small town of Listowel, Ontario, Cole Brubacher’s musical journey began as a worship leader three years ago, and his passion for songwriting blossomed a year thereafter. Inspired by his personal experiences and the guidance of God, Cole’s music reflects a deep well of hope and a resounding reminder of the unwavering faith we hold in Jesus.

With aspirations to share his music and lead worship in churches, Cole’s debut release marks a significant step towards realizing his vision of spreading the message of hope and faith through his heartfelt compositions. His prayer is that the songs he writes serve as a beacon of hope, reminding people of the enduring promise found in Jesus.

Influenced by worship artists Brandon Lake and Benjamin William Hastings, Cole aspires to emulate their production style and lyrical prowess, seeking to carve a path that reflects their talent and resonates with the hearts of listeners.

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