Crossroads Music Unveils “I Will Remember – Sessions” EP

Crossroads music
Crossroads Music

Crossroads Music, following the release of their live project “I Will Remember” in March 2023 through BEC Recordings, presents their “I Will Remember – Sessions” EP today. This project re-records five of their previously released worship songs, transforming them into organic and acoustic interpretations with folk and Americana instrumentation. The EP was produced by Aaron Robertson (known for his work with Elevation Worship, Red Rocks, Jesus Culture).

The EP includes reimagined versions of worship tracks, including the focus songs “Always Moving” and “Take Me Deeper.” These new renditions provide a fresh perspective on the original songs and deliver a unique worship experience.

I will remember – sessions ep
I Will Remember – Sessions Ep

Crossroads Music, which is part of Cincinnati, Ohio-based Crossroads Church, draws inspiration from worship collectives like Elevation Worship, Passion, and Bethel Music. The group aims to create music that is both accessible to people and adds a contemporary touch to traditional hymns. Their sound incorporates elements of country, gospel, and rock, giving a unique and diverse flavor to their worship songs.

The members of Crossroads Music collectively expressed their excitement about this project, stating, “We’re incredibly excited and humbled to release this record. We believe it will not only give our church useful songs for worship but also dangerous prayers, petitions, and proclamations to a God that’s wild about us and the adventurous life he’s given us.”

Moreover, Crossroads Music emphasizes the importance of investing in the next generation of leaders, songwriters, and theologians within their church community. They aim to provide guidance, mentorship, and a platform for young talents to grow and develop, fostering creativity and faith.

“I Will Remember – Sessions” is a significant addition to Crossroads Music’s discography, showcasing their commitment to offering diverse and meaningful worship experiences through their music.

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