Darryn Zewalk Releases Inspiring Single “Without You”

Darryn zewalk
Darryn Zewalk

Chart-topping singer-songwriter and pianist, Darryn Zewalk, has unveiled his latest inspirational song, “Without You.”

With its Motown-inspired sound and uplifting message, the song is set to encourage listeners and leave a lasting impact. The infectious instruments and catchy hook make it a tune that will have you hitting the repeat button.

Darryn zewalk without you
Darryn Zewalk Without You

Darryn Zewalk is known for his dedication to utilizing music and technology to spread the gospel message to the world. With over 200,000 highly engaged social media followers, he shares Christ-centered daily posts that offer encouragement and inspiration. Recognizing the impact he was having in the lives of others, Darryn compiled some of his most impactful social media encouragements into several volumes of devotional books.

As a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and the music minister at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Darryn has committed himself to win souls for the Lord through his music and ministry. “Without You” is another testament to his passion for spreading the gospel and uplifting others through his musical talent.

Fans and followers can connect with Darryn Zewalk on social media to listen to “Without You” and experience his inspiring message firsthand. Through his music and devotionals, Darryn aims to touch lives and make a positive impact on listeners around the world. Connect With Darryn Zewalk on Instagram | Spotify

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