EJ Returns With New Single “We Lift You Up”

Ej we lift you up
EJ We Lift You Up

EJ has recently released a powerful and inspiring song titled “We Lift You Up.” This heartfelt track addresses the tough problems we face in our society, such as homelessness, mass shootings, and addiction in all its forms. Instead of succumbing to despair, “We Lift You Up” directs us to look to Jesus during these storms, recognizing that He is the cure for sin, pain, and injustice.

The lyrics of “We Lift You Up” carry EJ’s prayer for God’s healing power to combat the noise that attempts to drown out love. As believers, we unite and are filled with divine energy to lift His name higher and find strength in Him to fight against our common enemy.

In a world filled with chaos and lies, “We Lift You Up” pleads for truth and clarity. The lyrics implore God to intervene and bring about positive change for our children, restoring truth in our lives and transforming darkness into light. The song aims to change our perspective on the fight for what’s right, shifting it from a rough battle to a loving act of lifting God higher.

“We Lift You Up” serves as more than just a song; it is a beacon of hope that calls us to unite as one and lift Him up during these challenging times. May this powerful song touch your heart, strengthen your faith, and provide you with comfort in the life-changing power of faith.

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