Equippers Worship Quenches Souls with ‘Living Water’ Single from ‘Desert River’ EP

Equippers worship
Equippers Worship

The dynamic worship team from New Zealand, Equippers Worship, has exciting news for music enthusiasts as they announce the impending release of their upcoming EP, “Desert River,” scheduled for September 29th.

As a prelude to this highly anticipated EP, the team has unveiled their first single, “Living Water.” Produced by Joshua Huirua and David Darby, this spirited single carries a message of hope and deep worship.

“Living Water” is a song that resonates with the longing for Jesus and His boundless ability to provide true satisfaction. Drawing inspiration from Ezekiel 47, where it speaks of life flourishing wherever the river flows, and the river itself being filled with “Living Water,” this song encapsulates the essence of spiritual renewal and fulfillment.

The single was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of David Darby, Joshua Huirua, Robert McCann, and Kenan Stephenson, showcasing the depth and diversity of talent within the Equippers Worship team.

Equippers Worship shared their thoughts on “Living Water,” saying, “Living Water is a song about needing Jesus because only He can truly satisfy. It was inspired by our church conference passage, Ezekiel 47, where it talks about there being life wherever the river flows and how it flows with Living Water.”

The track’s upbeat and invigorating melody is a testament to the joy and celebration that worship music can bring. “Living Water” is not just a song; it’s a spiritual journey, an invitation to experience the fulfillment and renewal that comes from a deep connection with faith.

As the release of “Desert River” approaches, “Living Water” serves as a promising introduction to the EP’s overall theme and sound. Equippers Worship’s ability to infuse their music with powerful messages of hope and devotion continues to make them a beloved and influential presence in the worship music genre.

Listeners can anticipate a rich and spiritually enriching experience when “Desert River” arrives on September 29th, as Equippers Worship invites them to dive into the depths of faith and worship, guided by the flowing “Living Water.”

Listen to “Living Water” on all platforms here and connect with Equippers Worship on Instagram

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