Eric Lee Brumley Releases New Album ‘Electric Chair’

Electric chair artwork
Electric Chair Artwork

Christian singer-songwriter Eric Lee Brumley’s new full-length album, Electric Chair, was released on April 12, 2024 through Old Bear Records.

An evangelistic record of blues, rock, and Americana Gospel songs, Electric Chair is rooted in a recontextualized narrative of Christ’s act of atonement on the cross. Electric Chair tells the story of a criminal sentenced to death for the crimes he has committed. As he takes his seat in the electric chair, he knows this is his final moment alive. With guilt and shame before him, he closes his eyes, awaiting the inevitable. Right before the warden pulls the lever, Jesus Christ enters the room and replaces the criminal in the electric chair. Of his own will, Jesus sits down in the chair and takes the final of 3000 volts for the criminal.

The first single from the new album, “Share The Load,” released March 1, 2024 to warm reception. A personal song with classic Americana sound, “Share The Load” was written as a letter of encouragement to Eric Lee Brumley’s father while he was in the hospital after a suicide attempt. A second single, “Last Days,” made its debut on March 22. Eric Lee Brumley’s musical influences include Elvis Presley, Motown, ’50s oldies, gospel, soul, and blues. Since 2008, Eric has been actively performing and recording his original, gritty, soulful music in venues throughout the US, including SoulFest, HillFest, River Rock Music Festival, and many more.

In 2019, he released his debut studio album, The Devil Goes Fish’n Too: A Gospel Anthology, produced by Chris Hoisington of the Brothers McClurg. Eric is actively touring the US in 2024.

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