FAITHFUL Unveils Inspirational EP “Great Things”


The all-female creative community known as FAITHFUL has just released their latest EP, “Great Things.” This EP serves as a prelude to their upcoming album set to release in early 2024. The album, a creative exploration of the Psalms, specifically focusing on Psalms of action, seeks to bring these poetic scriptures to life.

As a collective of musicians, artists, and authors, FAITHFUL delves into the imagery of womanhood found within these poetic scriptures. The EP’s title, “Great Things,” is inspired by Fanny Crosby’s iconic hymn, “To God Be The Glory.” This hymn profoundly praises God for all that He has done. FAITHFUL was so moved by this hymn that they incorporated it into their project. It’s the only non-Psalm song on the EP.

Faithful great things
Great Things Cover Art

They updated some of the language and added a new chorus to offer modern worshippers a fresh response to this timeless and rich old lyric. “To God Be The Glory” remains the most-sung traditional song written by a woman in the Church, a heritage that FAITHFUL fully embraces in their creative endeavors.

Through “Great Things,” FAITHFUL reflects on the beauty of God’s kindness and faithfulness as seen throughout the lives of women across generations. Listen on all platforms here

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