Grace Worship Returns with New EP “Steadfast Love”

Grace worship
Grace Worship

After a hiatus of over three years, Grace Worship from Peoria, Illinois, makes a triumphant return with their latest EP, “Steadfast Love.” This eagerly awaited release is set to captivate listeners with its theologically rich lyrics and uplifting melodies.

At the heart of “Steadfast Love” lies a powerful theme: God’s unshakable affection for His people. Every song on this EP was birthed from the creative minds of Grace Worship’s songwriting team, creating a deeply spiritual and musically engaging experience.

Grace worship steadfast love cover
Steadfast Love Cover

Kevin King, the Director of Grace Worship, shares the inspiration behind the EP, stating, “Our goal was to craft songs that resonate with the church community, helping individuals understand the unbreakable connection that exists between God and us. We endeavored to create music that spans generations, infusing scripture and timeless hymn texts with fresh, singable melodies and contemporary arrangements. ‘Steadfast Love’ is an exultation of God’s love for His people, featuring brilliant orchestral moments, uplifting pop hooks, and vulnerable lyrics.”

What sets “Steadfast Love” apart is its fusion of classical techniques and lush orchestral arrangements with a modern pop sensibility. Grace Worship masterfully blends these elements to create music that bridges generational gaps while staying true to the church’s 150-year-old history at Grace Presbyterian Church. The songs serve as a poignant reminder that in Jesus, there is always more hope than despair, even in a world facing its challenges.

“Steadfast Love” marks the return of Grace Worship, offering a fresh perspective on faith and a musical journey that transcends time and generations. With its profound lyrics and captivating melodies, this EP promises to inspire, uplift, and connect listeners with God’s enduring love.

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