Housefires Releases ‘How To Start A Housefire Part III’


Housefires, the groundbreaking music collective that reshaped the worship music landscape in 2014, is back with the third installment of their eagerly awaited project, ‘How To Start A Housefire Part III.’ Released today on Capitol CMG / Tribl Records, this monumental release showcases the collective’s signature spontaneous, community-driven sound, providing an unfiltered, immersive worship experience.

‘How To Start A Housefire Part III’ stands as a testament to Housefires’ commitment to building a sense of unity through music, embodying diversity through its ensemble of gifted individual artists. The collective features prominent talents like Davy Flowers, Ryan Ellis, Chandler Moore, Kirby Kaple, Ahjah Walls, and many more, all coming together to craft an electrifying worship atmosphere.

Produced by GRAMMY-winning producers Jonathan Jay and Norman Gyamfi, the album comprises ten emotionally stirring tracks, interspersed with spontaneous moments of musical connection between the artists. These songs collectively extend a heartfelt invitation to all those in need of inspiration, encouragement, and hope.

From the captivating sense of belonging conveyed in “The Place Where I Belong” to the song of gratitude amid life’s challenges, “I’ll Give Thanks,” and the powerful affirmation of being known and loved in “You Know My Name,” ‘How To Start A Housefire Part III’ offers a moving soundtrack for life’s ebbs and flows.

“The Housefires experience is like no other; it’s an atmosphere of overwhelming unity that captures hearts and souls,” notes Forbes. With the release of ‘How To Start A Housefire Part III,’ Housefires continues to forge an inspiring path forward in the world of contemporary worship music.

Osafo Daniel
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