Iveth Luna Unveils Striking Acoustic Video for “Give It To Jesus (Starstruck Sessions)”

Iveth luna
Iveth Luna

Red Street Records’ Iveth Luna, has released the official acoustic video for “Give It To Jesus,” recorded at Starstruck Studios. The song is featured on her debut EP, which made its debut earlier this year.

Produced by the skilled duo of Kevin Rooney and AJ Pruis, “Give It To Jesus” is a compelling and emotionally resonant track that highlights Iveth Luna’s remarkable vocal prowess and songwriting abilities. Co-written by Luna herself, along with acclaimed songwriters Cindy Morgan, Caleb and Jordan Ward, Don Koch, Brian Bunn, and Carl Cartee, this song is a testament to her artistry.

Iveth Luna’s debut EP, titled “Just Like Jesus,” comprises six tracks that beautifully showcase her talent and versatility as an artist. Luna, a bilingual artist, has also recorded Spanish versions of three of the EP’s tracks: “Just Like Jesus,” “In You,” and “Ears to Hear.” These Spanish versions are available on all major music platforms, allowing her to connect with a diverse and global audience.

The collaboration between Iveth Luna and the talented production team of Kevin Rooney and AJ Pruis has resulted in a captivating and memorable acoustic performance that adds another layer of depth to “Give It To Jesus.”

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