Jagy and Mika Waclawska Release Uplifting Ballad “Passing Moment”

Passing moment
Passing moment cover

Renowned musical explorer Jagy, also known as Greg Waclawski, collaborates with Mika Waclawska to deliver the soul-stirring ballad, “Passing Moment.” This heartwarming and uplifting track serves as a poignant reminder of life’s brevity, the significance of faith, and the promise of eternity.

With its soulful melody and touching lyrics, “Passing Moment” invites listeners to reflect on the transient nature of life on Earth and the assurance of an immortal soul destined for heaven. The song captures the essence of God’s love and mercy, guiding individuals through life’s trials.

Jagy embarked on his musical journey in 1993, drawing inspiration from legendary acts like The Doors, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd. His musical repertoire transcends genres, blending rock, symphonic metal, electronic, and ethno-folk elements into captivating compositions.

From vintage Commodore 64 tunes to modern digital mastery, Jagy’s musical evolution showcases a diverse range of influences. His commitment to exploring various genres has resulted in a rich and evolving tapestry of sound.

Jagy’s compositions carry powerful messages, advocating for anti-war, anti-greed, and pro-ecological values. His melodies serve as a harmonious call to connect with the planet and its resources.

Experience the magic of Jagy’s music live as he takes the stage at the Outpost festival in Krakow, where his creativity flows freely through improvisation.

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