Jason Gray Unveils Thoughtful and Melodic Album “Land of the Living”

Jason gray
Jason Gray

Today marks the release of critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Jason Gray’s highly anticipated full-length album, “Land of the Living.” Available at digital and streaming outlets globally, this Centricity Music recording artist takes listeners on a journey through a collection of pop-friendly, radio-ready tracks that invite conversations and reflections on the human experience.

Unlike his previous concept album, “Order Disorder Reorder,” where Gray led listeners through a central theme, “Land of the Living” is a diverse assortment of meaningful songs. Gray, known for his ability to explore the depths of human experiences within the confines of a three-minute pop song, presents a musical landscape that is both thoughtful and melodic.

The album features twelve tracks, each inspired by Gray’s foundational question when entering a writing room: “How do we tell the truth today?” Additionally, Gray addresses the question of what topics people might be afraid to talk about, leading to deeply personal and introspective tracks like “Worth Staying For.” In this autobiographical song, Gray courageously exposes his core fear of abandonment, reflecting on childhood wounds and the impact of a painful divorce.

Jason gray land of the living
Jason Gray Land Of The Living

While some tracks delve into heavier subjects, such as the exploration of Psalm 27 in the title track or the honest wrestling with doubt in “Questions,” others carry a lighter tone. “Place For Me,” the lead single, celebrates the church as a place of belonging, grace, and unity, offering a message of hope and acceptance.

“Land of the Living” also includes tracks like “Jesus Loves You (And I’m Trying),” which brings a tongue-in-cheek quirkiness, the pop-centric “Be Kind,” and the Gospel-inflected, choir-assisted “When I Say Yes.”

As a seasoned artist, Gray shares that his perspective on songwriting has shifted. Rather than focusing on expressing himself, he sees it as an opportunity to offer healing language to the world. Through “Land of the Living,” Jason Gray invites listeners to find better language for their own experiences and emotions, fostering connection and understanding through his thoughtful and resonant music.

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