Jermaine Bollinger’s Empowering Single ‘Love Remains’ Hits Christian Radio Waves

Jermaine bollinger
Jermaine Bollinger

St. Louis-based artist Jermaine Bollinger’s highly anticipated single, “Love Remains,” has officially graced the airwaves today. Presented by Salvation Studios, this captivating Christian AC and Praise & Worship track is now available on major platforms, promising to resonate with audiences and infuse them with inspiration.

“Love Remains” stands as an anthem of hope, faith, and the timeless endurance of love, particularly in the face of life’s challenges. Jermaine’s commitment to spreading love and positivity through his music shines through in the profound lyrics. With verses like “Love remains in times of trouble, join your hearts in peace and struggle,” listeners are gently reminded of the unwavering essence of love even amidst adversity. A true veteran in the Christian music sphere, Jermaine has previously achieved chart-topping success with over half a dozen #1 singles, including hits like ‘Revival,’ ‘Set Us Free,’ ‘Runaway,’ and ‘Beyond.’ With the release of “Love Remains,” Jermaine continues his legacy of delivering soul-stirring melodies.

Beyond his impressive discography, Jermaine wears many hats as a versatile multi-instrumentalist and serves as an Artist in Residence at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in St. Louis. Drawing inspiration from renowned figures like Todd Herreman and guided by several accomplished mentors in the industry, Jermaine seamlessly blends diverse musical influences and eras into his unique creations.

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