Joe Hardy’s ‘All My Life’ Featuring Jozzy & Luke Wareham is A Spiritual Anthem

Joe hardy
Joe Hardy

Prepare to be captivated by the imminent release of “All My Life,” the latest single by artist Joe Hardy, scheduled for September 8th.

This eagerly anticipated track showcases a dynamic collaboration with Jozzy and Luke Wareham, co-written by Hardy, Wareham, and the talented Sim Ashford. Initially crafted for the vibrant youth event known as “Spree” in the South West, this song encapsulates a passionate call to embrace a life devoted to following Jesus.

Recorded live and resonating with the voices of over 2000 attendees, the song serves as a heartfelt anthem, reflecting the aspirations of a generation seeking spiritual connection. The infusion of Jozzy’s rap performance infuses a modern and electric energy into the composition, beautifully marrying tradition with innovation. “All My Life” transcends being just a song; it stands as a resounding declaration, poised to inspire listeners, particularly the youth, on their journey towards purpose and faith.

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