Jory Jewett Releases Inspirational Single “I See A Cross”

Jory jewett
Jory Jewett

Rising Christian singer-songwriter Jory Jewett has recently released his new song titled “I See A Cross.” This heartfelt song was inspired by a moment while driving down a highway and seeing a cross on top of a church. Contemplating the various places we encounter crosses, such as around celebrities’ necks and in tattoos, Jory began to ponder what people see when they look at the cross. “I See A Cross” is his answer to that question.

“I See A Cross” is the third song on Jory Jewett’s new 7-track album titled “Safest Place.” This heartfelt collection of gospel songs aims to inspire and encourage listeners through lyrics and music filled with truth. Hailing from Northwest Missouri, Jory Jewett has been ministering through music around the world, sharing the Gospel and bringing messages of hope and freedom through his songs.

Jory jewett safest place album artwork
Jory Jewett Safest Place Album Artwork

Since the age of 18, Jory has been dedicated to writing gospel music that resonates with the hearts of believers and seekers alike. “Safest Place” is more than just an album; it is a musical journey that reflects Jory’s deep faith and passion for sharing Christ’s message. Each song is crafted to encourage others in their walk with Christ, offering a refuge and a source of strength through powerful and uplifting lyrics.

Listeners can now experience the inspiring sounds of “I See A Cross” and the entire “Safest Place” album by Jory Jewett. These releases serve as an opportunity to connect with one’s faith, find encouragement, and experience the transformative power of the Gospel.

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