kalley Releases Soul-Stirring Christian Song: “Not Even One”


The exceptionally talented artist, kalley, has graced the Christian music scene with her latest song, “Not Even One.” In this heartfelt and soul-stirring composition, kalley reflects on the profound healing and transformative power of Jesus.

In a world filled with challenges, pain, and difficulties, “Not Even One” serves as a beacon of hope, reminding listeners that gazing upon Jesus is a wellspring of healing and renewal. The lyrics of the song resonate with a deep sense of connection and spirituality, emphasizing the nearness of Jesus as a wellspring of strength and transformation.

kalley’s emotive vocals and the evocative lyrics combine to create a moving and profound message of faith, emphasizing the enduring hope found in Christ. The song is a welcome addition to the Christian music genre, offering solace and encouragement to those navigating life’s trials and tribulations.

“I haven’t found anything as healing as looking at Jesus. In all the pain, aware His beauty is what Olive’s eyes are full of. His presence and nearness, the shine of His face breaks me down so I can be rebuilt.” – kalley

Kalley Heiligenthal is an accomplished artist, worship leader, speaker, songwriter, and pastor. With a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, she embodies a deep hunger to witness the rise of generations filled with wholeness and freedom.

“Not Even One” by kalley is now available for streaming on all major platforms here

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