Karen Peck & New River Breaks Record With 21 #1 Singles on Singing News Southern Gospel Chart

Karen peck & new river
Karen Peck & New River

Karen Peck and New River (KPNR) have achieved a historic milestone this month by setting the all-time record for the most #1 singles on the Singing News Magazine’s Top 80 Southern Gospel chart. With an impressive 21 #1 hits to their name, KPNR continues to uphold their legacy of excellence in Gospel music, which includes accolades like GMA Dove Awards, Grammy nominations, Singing News Fan Awards, AGM Awards, and Hall of Fame inductions.

Formed in 1991, the group has evolved over the decades, exploring different sounds while staying true to their traditional style, cementing their position at the forefront of Gospel music.

Ed Leonard, president of Daywind Records, expressed his excitement, saying, “What a thrill it is to have worked with Karen Peck and New River during their career and been a part of the tremendous legacy of Gospel music they are building! TWENTY-ONE #1 songs is a tremendous achievement.”

Karen Peck herself shared her gratitude, acknowledging the contributions of her songwriting partners, producers, musicians, engineers, studio personnel, and group members in bringing these songs to life. She also thanked the Southern Gospel DJ community and their loyal fans for their support.

The group’s achievement solidifies their place in the history of Southern Gospel music, and they look forward to continuing their musical journey with a focus on encouraging believers and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Here is the list of Karen Peck & New River’s #1 songs:

  1. “God Likes To Work”
  2. “Four Days Late”
  3. “Hold Me While I Cry”
  4. “Last Night”
  5. “Hey”
  6. “Whispered Prayers”
  7. “I Want To Thank You”
  8. “On The Banks Of The Promised Land”
  9. “Mighty Big God”
  10. “Revival”
  11. “Finish Well”
  12. “Pray Now”
  13. “Calling”
  14. “I Choose Christ”
  15. “Gotta Be Saved”
  16. “I Know I’ll Be There”
  17. “Made Right”
  18. “The Book”
  19. “Answer Is Jesus”
  20. “The Keepers”
  21. “Dance” (October 2023)

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