Ke’Erron (Sims) Signs with Integrity Music, Set to Release Debut Album


Worship pastor and recording artist Ke’Erron (Sims) has recently signed with Integrity Music, a Nashville-based label known for its dedication to ministry and supporting artists. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Ke’Erron possesses a deep passion for diverse cultures and nations, aiming to create opportunities for people to experience God through music. His musical style blends elements of pop, worship, CCM, and gospel, with a primary focus on telling stories of God’s selfless, life-giving love that has the power to transform lives.

At the age of 32, Ke’Erron expresses his mission to paint a vivid picture of Jesus through his songs, allowing people to encounter Him in their lives and be transformed. His desire is for individuals to find solace and focus on God, forgetting about their own struggles and connecting with Him through worship.

Ke’Erron’s experience in serving in bilingual churches has allowed him to lead worship fluently in Spanish, expanding his reach and connecting with both Spanish and English-speaking worshippers worldwide. After independently producing his own music for twelve years, Ke’Erron is thrilled to partner with Integrity Music for his upcoming album, “Anything Can Happen,” scheduled to be released this year.

The artist expresses his admiration for Integrity Music’s ministry-first approach, recognizing their commitment to keeping the “why” at the forefront. Ke’Erron feels a deep alignment with the label, appreciating their love for artists and creatives, as well as their treatment of them as missionaries sharing the gospel. His decision to sign with Integrity Music was driven by the sense of home he felt within the label.

Integrity Music’s A&R Manager Taylor Agan speaks highly of Ke’Erron’s genuine, humble, and talented nature, highlighting the honor of working alongside him to share his testimony of what God is doing in his life and the potential impact it can have on others.

Integrity Music President Jonathan Brown emphasizes the vulnerability present in Ke’Erron’s songs and the way he leads worship, drawing people into a place of recognizing their own vulnerability. Brown believes that it is in this vulnerable state that God can do the most powerful work in our lives. He admires Ke’Erron’s authenticity and substance, viewing it as a privilege to serve someone with the potential to impact lives for Jesus.

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