Christian Artist Keith Christ Releases Inspiring Single “SHIMMER”

Keith christ
Keith Christ

Keith Christ, a resilient Christian artist, singer, and songwriter, has unveiled his latest heartfelt single, “SHIMMER.” This deep love song is a testament to Keith’s personal journey and his unwavering pursuit of a deeper connection with God. Inspired by a moment of divine intervention during a visit to Newcastle on Friday, April 27th, 2024, “SHIMMER” captures the emotions of Keith’s love for God and His guiding hand in his life.

“SHIMMER” was born from a transformative experience as Keith walked back from the Nobby’s lighthouse and witnessed the shimmer of the afternoon sun on the water. This moment inspired a deep sense of love for God, leading to the whispered lyrics of the song. The production of “SHIMMER” itself was a divine providence, completed in just four hours. The image taken on that day and the words that flowed into Keith’s soul would not have come to be if a dear friend had not discerned God’s call to drive to that location. The song draws inspiration from the observation of surfers on their boards, who demonstrate faith, belief, and a willingness to surrender to the beauty and ecstasy of God’s creation.

In “SHIMMER,” Keith Christ encourages listeners to embrace a life of freedom, swaying like surfers on the waves and approaching each day with the carefree spirit of children. The song invites individuals to let go and allow God to take control while enjoying the unknown adventures and blessings that lie ahead. Keith’s powerful lyrics and captivating melodies convey the message of love, faith, and the abundant wellspring of life found in a deep connection with God.

Keith Christ’s personal journey has been marked by resilience and overcoming significant challenges, including growing up in a household marred by domestic violence and facing two divorces. His faith in God has remained his first love and greatest pursuit. Despite discovering his musical talents later in life, Keith’s passion for music has been a constant presence. A transformative experience in 2022 led him to overcome drug dependence and alcoholism, shedding over 70kgs through a change in diet. Furthermore, despite a diagnosis of ASD, PTSD, and severe physical disabilities, Keith’s faith and miraculous recovery have allowed him to live pain-free and fully engage in life with his children.

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