Keith Christ Releases Soulful Single “Tears From Daddy”

Keith christ
Keith Christ

Christian musician Keith Christ has recently unveiled his latest song titled “Tears From Daddy.” This emotionally charged track combines elements of blues and soul, featuring captivating brass sections that add depth to the overall sound. Clocking in at seven minutes, this song was not designed for radio but rather for streaming platforms, serving as a heartfelt dedication to Keith’s children and all the fathers who have had dreams of a life with their spouse and children.

“Tears From Daddy” holds a special significance for Keith as he wrote it prior to moving interstate, with his children, aged 10 to 22, in mind. The song embraces its rawness, intentionally leaving some errors and rough spots to convey the vulnerabilities Keith feels as a father. It is a deeply personal expression of love and longing, created primarily for his children and also for the many fathers who have experienced the pain of losing their children due to relationship breakdowns.

During the trust season of moving, Keith experienced a mix of successes and setbacks. While many aspects aligned favorably, other doors in the music industry closed abruptly due to changes in venue ownership or bookings being fully occupied. Despite the challenges, Keith remains determined to work with what he has and continue pursuing his musical aspirations.

The creation of “Tears From Daddy” faced its own obstacles, with Keith encountering difficulties in completing two other songs before leaving Brisbane. Only recently gaining access to partially finished files, he pieced together this latest release using online apps on his laptop, acknowledging that it may not be perfect due to the lack of professional facilities. However, the importance of releasing the song to his children, who eagerly awaited its completion, compelled Keith to share it as soon as possible.

Keith’s journey has not been without its trials, including a period of temporary homelessness. He embraces the faith adventure and remains steadfast in his resolve to utilize the resources God has placed in his hands. Keith’s experience with rental rules and the potential for real estate decisions to leave someone homeless has further shaped his perspective on life and the value of trusting in God’s guidance.

“Tears From Daddy” is a testament to Keith Christ’s resilience, faith, and love for his children. Through his music, he hopes to touch the hearts of listeners, offering solace, understanding, and a reminder of the enduring bond between fathers and their children.

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