Keith Christ Releases Powerful Song “What is Love – AGAPE” Featuring “TOBY”

Keith christ
Keith Christ

Keith Christ has just released his latest song titled “What is Love – AGAPE,” featuring his highly anxious 10-year-old son, Toby. This collaboration holds a special significance as it has been a part of Toby’s healing journey from the hurt he experienced within the church. The song, although not perfect vocally or in precise timing, showcases genuine emotions and unique rawness that Keith values and wishes to preserve.

In 2022, during a rough season, Keith found himself disheartened by the casual use of the word “LOVE.” This led him to deeply reflect on his own understanding of love and its true meaning. He realized that throughout his 44 years of life, he had never consciously chosen to love, to lay down his life, or to prioritize loving God above all else. His previous acts of love were often driven by distorted perspectives and self-serving motives. This introspection prompted Keith to dive deep into scripture, where he discovered that his love had been primarily self-seeking, falling short of the self-sacrificial nature of God’s universal love, known as “Agape.”

In 2023, Keith resumed his studies, which prompted him to reevaluate his worldview, biases, and perceptions. Each block of study required a renewed examination of his worldview. He realized the importance of aligning his perspective with God’s worldview, embracing His image rather than conforming to the world around us. Living in God’s truth and according to His laws, commands, and decrees became paramount, with the first commandment being to love Him with our entire being.

True Christianity, according to Keith, is not about mere words but about experiencing the depth of God’s love, His healing touch in dealing with sinfulness, and being set free. Those who wholeheartedly embrace this love and are passionate about their faith display Agape love daily. They have truly encountered Jesus and are not content to sit on the fence. Agape love represents the love that God has for humanity and the reciprocal love that humanity has for God. This love was exemplified in Jesus Christ’s willingness to sacrifice Himself.

“What is Love – AGAPE” is a powerful and introspective song that delves into the casual way people often express love while simultaneously treating others with prejudice. It addresses the deep hurt experienced by Toby and serves as a platform for healing and understanding. Through this heartfelt collaboration, Keith and Toby aim to inspire listeners to reflect on the true meaning of love and to embrace Agape love in their own lives.

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