Kevin Quinn Announces New Album “Real Me” and Releases Single “Blessed”

Kevin quinn
Kevin Quinn

Capitol CMG’s promising pop artist Kevin Quinn has announced his highly anticipated new album, “Real Me.” Set for release on January 19th, 2024, this captivating 7-track record marks Kevin’s most authentic and genuine work yet.

In “Real Me,” Kevin opens up about his mental health journey, sharing his experiences for the first time. This album showcases Kevin’s remarkable talent for deeply personal songwriting, striking a unique balance between growth and vulnerability. Presave Real me here

In Kevin’s words, “I did the kind of growing that most people don’t do in a lifetime. I felt very inspired in my mental health journey and had to make music about it. Writing these songs felt like therapy. That’s what art is for me. And if you do it right and share it with the world, hopefully, people listening feel less alone.”

In addition to announcing the album, Kevin has released “Blessed,” the project’s first single. This R&B-infused track celebrates life’s blessings, from friends and family to experiences and opportunities.

Kevin Quinn Real Me (Track List)

  1. Blessed

  2. Give You Up

  3. I’m Not There Yet

  4. Learning to Let Go

  5. Real Me

  6. Rise Above

  7. Way Up

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