Love & The Outcome Release New Single “Human”

Love & the outcome
Love & The Outcome

Canadian music duo Love & The Outcome has released their latest single, “Human,” a pop anthem that reflects their journey through one of the toughest seasons of their lives. The song was inspired by their experience of rebuilding their lives after the loss of their home in a flood two years ago.

Written by Love & The Outcome’s Jodi King, along with Taylor Agan and Jonathan Gamble, who also produced the track, “Human” conveys a message of vulnerability and authenticity. The duo aims to be honest and relatable to their fans, acknowledging that being a Christian doesn’t exempt them from facing human struggles and challenges.

Chris Rademaker of Love & The Outcome expressed the shift in their perspective, moving away from being “professional Christians” with all the answers to embracing the authenticity of their human experiences. The song serves as a reminder that faith doesn’t eliminate the trials of life but provides the strength to navigate them.

“Human” is a testament to the duo’s resilience and their commitment to sharing their journey with their audience, emphasizing that it’s okay to acknowledge and embrace the human side of faith and life.

The release of this single is accompanied by an updated book, offering deeper insights into their experiences and struggles, further connecting with their listeners on a personal level. Love & The Outcome continues to make music that resonates with their fans, providing a source of hope and encouragement through life’s ups and downs.

Listen to human on all platforms here

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