Luis Velez and Jocelyn Velez Unite in Powerful Anthem “Creepin'”

Luis velez creepin'
Luis Velez Creepin'

Philadelphia-based artist Luis Velez teams up with vocalist Jocelyn Velez in their latest release, “Creepin’.” This dynamic song delivers a potent message as Jocelyn’s soulful vocals declare, “The devil, he be creepin’, he wanna catch me sleepin’, it’s God that I’m seeking, so I’ma keep on living,” while Luis Velez complements with impactful rap verses.

At its core, “Creepin'” is a testimony to Luis Velez’s journey to Christ, a compelling narrative reflected in the lyrics. The song is a fusion of genres, drawing from the artist’s eclectic musical influences while paying homage to the raw energy of 90s hip-hop.

Luis Velez, hailing from Philadelphia, expresses his love for his city and a profound desire to spread the message of God through his music. “Creepin'” stands as a testament to his commitment to sharing his story and helping bring those who are lost closer to the path of faith.

Osafo Daniel
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