Matt Likembe Releases Captivating New Song “Mbi yé da”

Matt likembe
Matt Likembe

Matt Likembe, a talented musician, composer, lyricist, singer, and rapper, has unveiled his latest song titled “Mbi yé da.” With a unique fusion of French rap and music from Europe and Central Africa, Matt Likembe delivers profound Christian lyrics and memorable sung choruses that resonate with listeners. This track serves as a joyful reminder to say “Yes” to God and to life, while immersing listeners in the vibrant sounds of the final sebene guitar.

“Mbi yé da” showcases Matt Likembe’s ability to blend different genres and cultural influences, resulting in a captivating musical experience. By combining French rap with elements of music from Europe and Central Africa, Matt Likembe offers a refreshing and dynamic approach to his artistry. The profound Christian lyrics and infectious sung choruses in “Mbi yé da” leave a lasting impact, resonating with listeners long after the song ends.

As a devoted disciple of Jesus, Matt Likembe puts his art at the service of the Gospel. Through his music, he seeks to glorify God and contribute to the salvation of souls. With his unique blend of rap and afropop, Matt Likembe concocts musical recipes that captivate and engage audiences, transcending cultural boundaries and spreading the message of faith and joy.

The release of “Mbi yé da” marks an exciting milestone in Matt Likembe’s musical journey. The track showcases his artistic growth and his dedication to creating music that uplifts and inspires. Matt Likembe is now actively seeking playlists, radio broadcasts, and shares on social networks to reach a wider audience and share his powerful message.

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