Mike Maranatha Returns With Compelling New Song “Light Shine”

Mike maranatha
Mike Maranatha

Seasoned Christian creative Mike Maranatha has recently launched a compelling new song titled “Light Shine,” accompanied by a beautifully bright music video. This soul-stirring musical creation encompasses a soft rock/hip-hop vibe and features meaningful lyrics that center on God’s light and love. “Light Shine” was made available on all digital music platforms on January 26th, 2024, and the captivating music video can be found on Mike Maranatha’s YouTube Channel.

“Light Shine” is an encouraging anthem that encapsulates Mike Maranatha’s unique sound and his commitment to spreading messages of hope and inspiration through his music. With a captivating blend of soft rock and hip-hop elements, the song serves as a testament to his dedication to uplifting and inspiring others through his artistry.

Mike maranatha light shine
Mike Maranatha Light Shine

As a trailblazing artist, Mike Maranatha has announced plans for monthly releases throughout 2024, promising an exciting array of new music for his audience. His unwavering commitment to sharing his unique sound and meaningful lyrics reflects his dedication to connecting with listeners on a deeper level and offering a source of encouragement and solace through his musical endeavors.

Audiences are encouraged to keep an eye out for upcoming releases from Mike Maranatha, as he continues to share his creative vision and musical talent with the world in the coming months.

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YouTube: Mike Maranatha
Facebook: Mike Maranatha
Instagram: Mike.Maranatha
Spotify: Mike Maranatha


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