Mission House Releases Dual Single Release: “Jesus, My Brother” and “Like Jesus”

Mission house
Creator: 3ElevenProduction Copyright: WILLIAM E. ARGUETA

The worship duo, Mission House, has unveiled an unexpected dual single release featuring “Jesus, My Brother” and “Like Jesus.” This delightful surprise captures the essence of spontaneous creativity and heartfelt expression, departing slightly from Mission House’s signature sound.

The genesis of these songs was completely unintentional, with the duo stumbling upon them on separate occasions, either at the end of co-writing sessions or during sound checks. The organic nature of their creation is reflected in the songs themselves, which exude a sense of playful spontaneity.

Taylor Leonhardt, one-half of Mission House, shared, “We weren’t really trying to achieve anything specific with these songs; we were just singing what felt right. There was an element of fun and genuine joy present during the writing process of both ‘Jesus, My Brother’ and ‘Like Jesus.'”

This dual single release tells a simple yet profound story, inviting listeners to participate in a joyful and authentic experience of the love of Jesus. Mission House doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and their lightheartedness shines through in these songs. Their passion for bringing people together in the presence of the Lord is unmistakable, as they offer a fresh perspective on worship and community.

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