Mission House Releases Stripped-Back Album “Family Nights, Vol. 1: All Your Heart”

Mission house
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Mission House, initially a gathering of friends and strangers compelled to sing songs about Jesus, returns to their roots with the release of “Family Nights, Vol. 1: All Your Heart.” Recorded in Dallas, TX, this stripped-back album captures the essence of Mission House’s early days, emphasizing the message that we are loved by God and deeply in need of Him.

Listen to “Family Nights, Vol. 1: All Your Heart” here

Taylor Leonhardt and Jess Ray, the creative forces behind Mission House, bring a sense of community and vulnerability to this album. The project is a return to the band’s beginnings when they gathered people around a table to worship. “As much as we try to build a life outside God, it is never as good as we imagine it to be,” shares Taylor Leonhardt. “But the arms of Jesus are also roomier than we ever imagined, and there is room for you in there.”

Mission house - family nights, vol. 1 all your heart (live)
Mission House – Family Nights, Vol. 1 All Your Heart (Live)

The album is designed as a singalong project, with many voices recorded in the mix, highlighting the beauty of community. “Family Nights, Vol. 1: All Your Heart” is an invitation for listeners to join in and find encouragement on their journey of life. Mission House draws inspiration from their personal experiences over the last few years, including moments of doubt, suffering, and the challenges of life.

“Family Nights, Vol. 1: All Your Heart” reflects the band’s conviction that a life spent seeking God is not only good but also beautiful. It serves as a reminder that, despite the hardships, the arms of Jesus are wide open, inviting everyone to find comfort and belonging in Him.

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