Moyin Omidiji Releases Uplifting Afrobeat Gospel Song “Owo Mi L’oke”

Moyin omidiji owo mi l'oke
Moyin Omidiji Owo Mi L'oke

Moyin Omidiji, a talented independent gospel music artist and practicing medical doctor, has recently unveiled his latest creation, “Owo Mi L’oke.” This Afrobeat gospel song is a fusion of Yoruba (a Nigerian language) and English, celebrating the unwavering mercies and faithfulness of God.

The track, produced in a studio, carries a powerful message of gratitude and acknowledgment of God’s goodness. Moyin Omidiji’s “Owo Mi L’oke” is not only a musical expression but also a spiritual journey, uplifting listeners with its soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Moyin Omidiji moved to the UK with his family in 2018, seeking new experiences. Despite his career as a medical doctor, Moyin has always harbored a deep love for music, which flourished during his university days when he joined the fellowship choir. In late 2019, he began composing and writing his music, culminating in the creation of soulful and inspirational gospel tracks.

“Owo Mi L’oke” is a testament to Moyin Omidiji’s commitment to using his musical talents to spread messages of faith, hope, and gratitude. As an artist with a unique perspective, being both a medical professional and a musician, Moyin brings a distinctive blend of passion and purpose to his music.

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