Mubanga Chipimo Returns With Soul-Stirring Song “Reclaim”

Mubanga chipimo reclaim

Zambian based singer/songwriter Mubanga Chipimo has just released his latest song titled “Reclaim.” This transcendent collaboration was born from the hearts of Anthony Michael Jones from the Midwestern United States and Mubanga Chipimo from Lusaka, Zambia. Despite the distance between them, their synergy on the Session Studio app led to the creation of an extraordinary musical testimony. “Reclaim” is a soul-stirring anthem pulsating with purpose and passion.

Mubanga chipimo and anthony michael jones
Mubanga Chipimo And Anthony Michael Jones

The divine connection between Anthony and Mubanga unfolded when Anthony, driven by a ministry of reclaiming the discarded, sought collaborators on Session Studio. Mubanga responded swiftly, turning Anthony’s lyrical expressions into a melodious reality within hours. The emotional resonance of their collaboration was profound, resulting in a song that serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and faith.

“Reclaim” is more than just a song; it is a call to mission. Rooted in the shared belief of seeking the lost, the broken, and the forgotten, the song urges listeners to reclaim those ensnared by darkness. Just as Jesus left all to seek the lost, this anthem beckons all to follow suit.

The track is a shining jewel in Mubanga Chipimo’s “Face to Face” album, a collection of co-written songs that illuminate their shared musical journey. Anthony, a concrete paving estimator by day, expresses gratitude for the overwhelming blessing of collaborating with Mubanga.

“Reclaim” stands as a testament to the unexpected beauty that can blossom when hearts aligned in purpose come together. It serves as a reminder that inspiration knows no borders, and music has the power to bridge the gaps between continents, cultures, and callings.

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