Natalie Grant Addresses Tennessee House Of Representatives On Behalf Of Recording Academy & Human Artistry Campaign In Support Of ELVIS Act

Natalie grant addresses tennessee house of representatives

This morning, Curb Records recording artist and Recording Academy Nashville Chapter Governor Natalie Grant addressed the Tennessee House of Representatives on behalf of the Recording Academy and Human Artistry Campaign in support of the ELVIS Act. The ELVIS Act is the first bill in the nation with a focus on safeguarding the core elements of artistic identity: voices and likenesses from harmful and unethical AI-generated deepfakes that are becoming more prevalent.

Supporting the ELVIS Act, Grant addressed the Tennessee House of Representatives, stating the bill is important to faith-based artists such as herself. Without it, Grant explained that her voice could be used to say something in opposition to her beliefs, values, and the message she has spread for the last 25 years.

“It was a privilege to speak about the ELVIS Act,” shares Grant. “Today was a big step forward in protecting songwriters and creators, ensuring that every individual has the right to control their unique God-given qualities.”

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