Natalie Grant’s Hope for Justice Honored as Charity of the Year at 5th Annual .ORG Awards

Natalie grant
Natalie Grant

Hope for Justice, the global movement founded by Natalie Grant, dedicated to combating human trafficking and aiding those impacted, received the prestigious title of Charity of The Year at the 5th Annual .ORG Awards hosted by The Public Interest Registry (PIR). The organization, which manages the .org, .ngo, .ong top-level domains, chose Hope for Justice from a pool of over 1000 organizations representing 70 countries. In recognition of their tireless efforts to address historical injustices, Hope for Justice also secured an award, with the PIR pledging a $60,000 donation to support the organization’s vital work.

Expressing his gratitude, Tim Nelson, CEO of Hope for Justice, said, “What an incredible honor to accept this award on behalf of all the amazing staff and teams that we have internationally across 7 countries, who go to the ends of the earth to bring freedom… This award recognizes the hard work and dedication that the team at Hope for Justice has built over years, including the 12,100 people across the globe that were trained this year on how to respond effectively to reports of suspicions of human trafficking.”

Natalie Grant, co-founder of Hope for Justice, shared the profound impact that fueled her involvement in the fight against human trafficking, stating, “The first time I walked down the street in the red-light District of Mumbai, and saw a young five-year-old girl for sale on the street, I knew my life would never be the same… The truth is all of us can do something. This issue is so massive and so overwhelming, it can be easy to believe that we could never make a difference. We can’t do everything, but we all can do something.”

Natalie Grant initiated her anti-trafficking efforts in 2005, culminating in the establishment of Abolition International after a transformative trip to India. Recognizing the potential for greater impact through collaboration, Grant joined forces with Hope for Justice in 2013. The non-profit organization now operates globally, with offices in the US, UK, Norway, Uganda, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Australia.

Despite organizational evolution, the core mission has remained constant: to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking while safeguarding the human rights of victims and survivors. Equipped with a team comprising investigators, outreach workers, trainers, legal experts, social workers, therapists, nurses, policy specialists, campaigners, and professionals, Hope for Justice operates on the frontlines in regions most affected by human trafficking and modern slavery.

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