Natalie Layne Releases “Amen” Music Video

Natalie layne
Natalie Layne

Soul-inspired pop singer/songwriter, pianist, worship leader, and producer Natalie Layne, has released the official music video for her song “Amen.” The track is the title song from her debut EP “Amen,” which was released through Centricity Music last month.

The EP is characterized by a theme of joy and finding the positive aspects in moments that might not initially seem positive. The lead track, also titled “Amen,” was co-written by Natalie Layne along with renowned songwriters Benji Cowart and David Spencer. The song draws inspiration from a simple act of kindness, as Layne was moved by the warm gesture of a neighbor waving and smiling as they passed by in her neighborhood.

Natalie Layne’s music is designed to be welcoming and relatable, and her debut EP reflects her personal experiences and messages she wants to convey to her audience. The official music video for “Amen” captures the essence of the song and adds visual depth to its meaning.

Fans can enjoy the “Amen” music video below and explore Natalie Layne’s debut EP here

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