NEEDTOBREATHE and Maverick City Music Unveil Enchanting Collaboration on “Fall On Me” from CAVES Album


Renowned multi-platinum rock band NEEDTOBREATHE has unveiled a captivating rendition of their song “Fall On Me,” featuring the five-time GRAMMY Award-winning collective, Maverick City Music. The collaborative track is part of NEEDTOBREATHE’s latest album, CAVES, which made its debut this fall.

Released on November 16, the reimagined version of “Fall On Me” showcases the unique synergy between NEEDTOBREATHE’s soulful sound and the distinctive musical stylings of Maverick City Music. The collaboration breathes new life into the already enchanting track, adding layers of depth and emotion.

CAVES, the latest album from NEEDTOBREATHE, is a masterful collection that combines awe-inspiring melodies, breathtaking instrumentation, and epic-scale energy. The album offers a more expansive scope to the band’s soul-probing approach, earning praise for its anthemic, arena-worthy sounds and larger-than-life productions, as noted by American Songwriter.

“The CAVES World Tour” is set to extend into 2024, providing fans with the opportunity to experience the magic of NEEDTOBREATHE live. The tour schedule can be found on their official website, offering a chance to witness the band’s dynamic performances and the enchanting collaboration with Maverick City Music.

Fans can stream or download the entire CAVES album to immerse themselves in the rich musical tapestry created by NEEDTOBREATHE. The addition of Maverick City Music on “Fall On Me” adds another layer of artistry to this already remarkable collection, showcasing the band’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and delivering an unparalleled listening experience

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